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Simulation workspace

Bring your energy models to the cloud to run and share time-series simulations without limits

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Simulation infrastructure

All models in numerous are shareable without any restrictions or added licenses, allowing anyone to run simulations through our intuitive web interface. No upfront costs or subscriptions, pay only for the cloud resources you need.

Simulation scenarios
Run simulation scenarios in the cloud with unlimited scaling capabilities
Digital Twins
Connect your models to real-time data sources and run digital twins
Community library
Use open-source models built by the community


Collaborative workspace

numerous workspace is designed to support your entire simulation workflow. Have an overview of your projects and scenarios, reuse components for various simulations, communicate & give feedback to your collaborators directly on the platform.

Step 1
Apply your existing models to numerous using FMI standard or code your new models using the available numerous Tools. All models are packaged in customizable docker images, allowing you to expand them with any libraries, languages, APIs.
Python engine
Create models with numerous python engine, and take advantage of the Python ecosystem
FMI support
Export models as FMUs from your favorite simulation tools and load them directly with numerous
Bring your current models to the cloud, with any language or tool, wrapped in the numerous docker image
Step 2
Create simulation scenarios of your models in the numerous cloud workspace. Scenarios can run for a fixed time or continuously as real-time digital twins.
Input data
Start from static datasets, uploaded or generated as output of previous simulations
Simulation scenario
Configure and run
multiple scenarios in parallel, to quickly perform parametric analyses.
Create automated reports for each scenario, and group reports to compare multiple.
Step 3
Analyse & Report
View simulation results live directly in numerous workspace as they’re generated, and connect them with Jupyter Notebooks to create custom report templates
Step 4
Collaborate with your team and external project participants thanks to different user types, share models easily, and co-create projects faster

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