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Develop your domain models and let numerous connect them and solve the equations. Reuse, combine and connect!

A python-based object-oriented modelling and simulation engine.

pip install numerous-engine
Get Started

Cloud Based

In order to take advantage of cloud based computing power a run-anywhere solution is preferred

Open Source

To eliminate the need of complex licenses for deploying thousands of simulations


Direct connection with machine-learning and artificial intelligence libraries through the most popular programming language for data science


Leveraging packages from the vast community seamlessly

Philosophy and Motivation

As systems becomes complex the number of equations and variables grow fast and the overview is lost for the model developer. The idea behind this engine is to allow the model developer focus on one familiar object at a time and setup simulations for validation – and then combine these objects together to form complex interacting systems in a simple way where all the general tedious work is handled by the engine.

You can get started quickly here with the simple example on the right.

Or follow one our comprehensive tutorials.

Or you can get familiar with the concepts we have used to abstract away building complex interacting systems right inside python.

from numerous.engine import model, simulation
#Define simulation
s = simulation.Simulation(
    t_start=0, t_stop=10, num=100, num_inner=100, max_step=0.1
#Solve and plot

The team

Lasse Thomsen M.Sc. Applied Physics, PhD

Tobias Dokkedal Elmøe M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, PhD

Roberta Mancini M.Sc. Energy Engineering, PhD

Artem Chupryna M.Sc Computer Science